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S is for Skunk update

Following on from Dave Dye’s scribble with some help from Ellie Price, I wondered is there was a way of defining the tail of the skunk more with a repeated ‘s’.  It may even be simpler to just do this … Continue reading

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S is for Swan

Been scribbling swans made of S’s for days. Time to post something up. Thoughts?          

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S is for SNAKE scamp by Guy Featherstone

A little obvious in execution this one but if it were produced with the correct characters then it could be rather charming. It would also be nice to play with the volume of ink to maximise the show of wood … Continue reading

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Shrimp by Michael Johnson

                Another beautiful execution by Michael Johnson who chose to photograph the woodblocks he found.  Not quite on brief as you are only supposed to use the first letter of the species, but … Continue reading

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Ellie Price: Early animal scribble [Skunk]

Dave Dye’s Skunk drawing got me thinking. The main issue with drawing a skunk is making look different to a squirrel.. My thinking on this was to highlight the black and white tail. I Like the way the two S’s … Continue reading

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Dave Dye: Early animal scribbles [Snail]

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Dave Dye: Early animal scribbles [Skunk]

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