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O is for Owl by Michael Bow

O is for Owl is proving to be one of the most popular.  Whilst this effort from Michael is slightly more complicated than other designs, having the head slightly cocked to one side is a nice touch. Advertisements

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Owl scribble by Chris Groom

            Thanks to Chris for yet another way to do the owl.  Definitely worth trying to find the right woodblock.  I smell ebay.

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Owl by Michael Johnson

michael johnson kindly sent this owl to me. he wondered if there wasn’t a more sculptural way of presenting the work, rather than doing prints. nice to see another way of demonstrating craft. Continue reading

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Owl’s eyes

                Noticed this ‘O’ in Lucy’s post and wondered whether it could be an owl’s eye?

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Dave Dye: Early animal scribbles [Oyster]

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Alexander Cooper: Early animal prints [Owl]

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O is for Octopus

The ‘O’ needs to be repeated here in order to keep the piece graphically simple.  Much patience required to execute this one. Logging and suburbanization have decimated the habitat of the Tree Octupus and reduced the breeding population to critically … Continue reading

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