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Lucy Brown: L for Llama: Egyptian Expanded

Alex Cooper found this for me at London College of Communication last week. Proofed up the ‘head’ is a little too large. All eyes peeled for the right ‘L’ please – Advertisements

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Ellie Price: Early animal drawing [Lion]

                        This is a really early on scribble for L is for Lion, but Louise Elliott’s Lion design reminded me to put this drawing up. It’s interesting to see … Continue reading

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Louise Elliott: Early animal prints [Lion]

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L is for Lemming

This is one of those ones that you don’t get until you’ve read the caption.  I remember Kim drawing this a while back.  We think it is fun when we play a bit more with different animals, otherwise the ideas … Continue reading

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L is for Llama

Simple is best. Llamas are not an endangered species. They used to be hunted for their wool but there are now laws to protect them. Llamas are not found in the wild anymore. They are in family herds and they … Continue reading

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L is for Locust

In order to create the feeling of a leg either side of the body, could we do a pass on the far leg first, then the body and then the near leg?  Need to find the right slightly curved ‘L’ for … Continue reading

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