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Ian Haughton C is for Crab

Ian liked using Bernhard Bold Condensed for the eyes of the crab.  But when I saw his design it made me wonder if  my original scribble is the wrong way up.  Perhaps the larger ‘C’ could be on top like … Continue reading

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C is for Crocodile

            Another tweet from Gustaborracho.  Nice sense of playfulness, although if push comes to shove i think i still prefer Michael Bow’s alligator.

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Cat scribble by Chris Groom

                  Not so sure about this one, but am willing to be proven wrong.

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Dave Dye: Early animal scribbles [Camel]

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Nicola Taylor: Early animal prints [Cat]

A fortuitous find from a woodtype site we could acquire if liked. Not sure if it’s better in its raw state as one character or the double C which adds the hind legs.

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Alexander Cooper: Early animal prints [Crab]

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C is for Caterpillar

                          Repeating the same ‘c’ for the body is the trick to this one, although personally I still prefer C is for Crab. The rare Apollo butterfly requires … Continue reading

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