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A is for Ant


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A is for Anteater | Chris Bowsher

                      I initially came up with an anteater concept, using a highly condensed woodblock capital A. On it’s own it’s a bit too cryptic but Tony suggested that it might … Continue reading

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A is for Alligator by Michael Bow

Could this be the best Alligator to date?  I like the way it only uses one typeface much of which is simply repeated next to each other.  Nice detail making the penultimate ‘A’ in the teeth larger to reflect the … Continue reading

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A is for Armadillo

Simple is best.  Hard to find the right ‘A’ for the body. The giant armadillo seems to have become scarce everywhere within its range because of overhunting, the expansion of settlement, and the corresponding loss of its forest habitat.    … Continue reading

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Alpaca by Michael Johnson

                Another new animal from the prolific Michael Johnson. Woodblock is so nice to look at that i’m wondering if we shouldn’t consider Michael’s way of demonstrating craft as another option.

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Dave Dye: Early animal scribbles [Armadillo]

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Alexander Cooper: Early animal prints [Alligator]

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