T is for Tapir

T is for Tapir

Seeing the nose of this animal got me wondering if there wasn’t a way to use the base of a lower case ‘t’ to create this part.  Not sure it needs the eye, but it does help people get it.

Found this ‘T’ in a magazine on Finland called Bulgaria.  Possiblity for the legs?

The Tapir belongs to the family of equids which includes horses, rhinos, asses and zebras. However, the tapir was the first of the family and yet they are amongst the most primitive of all the world’s mammals. They hardly changed since they evolved 55 millions years ago. The most threatened species of Tapir are the Mountain Tapir and the Baird Tapir, due to hunting and dwindling habitat by logging. The only hope for these ancient mammals is to be in large nature reserve to be able to survive.
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