S is for Swan

Been scribbling swans made of S’s for days. Time to post something up. Thoughts?






About Chris Groom

I like making shit.
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5 Responses to S is for Swan

  1. david Hieatt says:


  2. Tony Davidson says:

    Definitely something in this. Wonder if there is a way of doing it with just two letters?

    • Chris Groom says:

      I’ll post up some of the earlier scribbles that were just 2 characters. I think Dave hit the nail on the head that the brief for this one is: graceful.

      • Tony Davidson says:

        Great minds think alike. Think Guy Featherstone came up with something similar, only with two characters. Post up your simpler version and let’s compare.

  3. Tom Rogers says:

    First of all this is a great project. Really lovely idea, that genuinely get’s me excited.

    Perhaps if using two characters you crop the bottom of, as if they were in the water? So you get some of the curve coming out and the tail at the end.

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