T is for Tortoise








Whilst this could be mistaken for a couple of love making tortoises, I think if it is printed right it could work as a single tortoise. The idea would be to overprint the same lowercase ‘t’ to create the shell sitting on top of the body.  I like the simplicity, if we can make it work.

Madagascar Spider Tortoises are in decline from overabundant collection for the pet trade as well as destruction of clutches by exotic predators like swine. This beautiful tortoise only lays one egg per year and can be found for sale online sometimes for thousands of dollars. There are breeders out there who have successfully maintained a private stock and who control the marketable population much the same way the diamond families control their prices, by only releasing a few into the market at a time.

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2 Responses to T is for Tortoise

  1. Possibly my favourite yet, loving the simplicity in this execution, registration is key.

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