S is for SNAKE scamp by Guy Featherstone

A little obvious in execution this one but if it were produced with the correct characters then it could be rather charming. It would also be nice to play with the volume of ink to maximise the show of wood grain, this would reflect the shimmering scales of the snake.
My fave would be the one on the left using a heavy weight Gothic for the body and Gill compressed for the tongue.

About Guy Featherstone

Inspired by watching his father hand-render 8pt type with a Rotring nib on the bottom of his drawings, Guy set his sights when he graduated in Design from Central Saint Martins in 1996. He then skipped over the pond to NYC to work for Gee Street Recordings, where he designed record sleeves and created identity work. On his return to London, he ventured into publishing, before landing in the exciting advertising agency HHCL (Campaign’s Agency of the Decade – 2000). His passion for letters, detail, precision and craft allowed him to create great work for brands such as Guinness, Egg, Sci-Fi and Tango - he soon became their Head of Art. He went travelling around the world in 2002, to top up his stimulus tanks and complete some personal projects. Returning to London in 2003, he was appointed Head of Design at Wieden Kennedy where he has gone on to create award-winning work for brands such as Nike, Aiwa, Honda, Yakult, The Guardian, Emeco, Nokia and Space.NK. Since arriving at W K he has created, and runs a department of like-minded, typo-craft junkies.
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One Response to S is for SNAKE scamp by Guy Featherstone

  1. Tony Davidson says:

    I’m with you on the one on the left. Think we should try and print one. Like you said need the body ‘S’ to be reasonably big as the more grain, the more it could look like snake skin.

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