Millipede by Michael Johnson

M is for Millipede






Another gem from Michael Johnson.  Use of the exclamation mark as antennae breaks the rules, but rules are there to be broken sometimes.  The whole idea of this project was to celebrate the lost craft of an era that has been surpassed by the computer.  Michael had to put this thing together with his hands.  Choosing to photograph the pieces instead of print them was also not part of the brief, but i love the fact that someone is challenging the project.

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3 Responses to Millipede by Michael Johnson

  1. Tony Davidson says:

    could an ‘m’ form the antennae too? love to see this printed.

  2. Liz says:

    I agree – it would be great to see this printed. The ink would give a whole new dynamic of movement / life to it.

  3. Tony Davidson says:

    Come on Mr Johnson. You up for printing?

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