Fred Birdsall: Early animal prints [Rabbit]













Set in Akzidenz Grotesk Medium, 21 Line.
I like the fact that we have used only one size of type to create both the head and body. It looks as if the rabbit is nervously looking over its shoulder (for danger/prey) or cleaning its nose with its paws. Especially like the ‘Thumper’ foot/feet.
The proof is slightly out of register as this is printed on newsprint, with a more sturdy paper registration will be perfect.
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7 Responses to Fred Birdsall: Early animal prints [Rabbit]

  1. Tony Davidson says:

    I like this. I hadn’t thought of using two ‘R’s’ in this way. It’s clever to use the same size letter twice even if it would just work as a single upside down ‘R’ for the head. What happens if we shift the head a bit to the left to make more of the paw?

  2. Tony Davidson says:

    Hi Fred. Thanks for the Rabbit. Got any more animals up your sleeve?

  3. Tony Davidson says:

    Can you post photos of the type you used and the studio or space you printed it in.

  4. FB says:

    Hi Tony. Thanks for the comments. We (myself, Rose and Alex) printed this down at the Workshop workshop. I’ll try and get some photos of the type and the studio uploaded soon. I’ve produced a digital paste up/proof of a revised Rabbit with the head shifted slightly to the left and at a slight angle, I’ll try uploading it here tomorrow, for now it’s on my FlickR account here:

  5. I love this! I think it encapsulates the active stillness of a rabbit perfectly (if that makes any sense at all…)

  6. FB says:

    Thanks Liz! – and yes I think that makes perfect sense.

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