Y is for Yak


The ideal is to use as few letters as possible. Whilst i like the simplicity of two ‘Y’s’, I don’t think it quite communicates Yak.  I am interested in the way the ‘Y’ lying on it’s side in the other version rises through the horns to make the shoulders, that are true of the animal in real life.

The latest population estimate for the wild Yak is 15,000. The main cause of decline is hunting by humans. Also, habitat disturbance, hybridization, and competition with domestic yaks pose a threat to the species.
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2 Responses to Y is for Yak

  1. Fc says:

    Lots of mini-Ys printed in gray to mimic the heavy scraggly coat and a bigger dark solitary Y for the head.

  2. Tony Davidson says:

    Show me what’s in your head

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