W is for Walrus

The teeth of the Walrus seem to be crying out for a ‘W’.  Then it’s a question of whether we go for an upside down ‘W’ as the body, or one as the jowls?  Whilst whiskers are a large feature of this marine mammal, i’m not sure that we need it. The simpler we can execute this the better.  All suggestions welcome.

There’s something slightly comedic about this Roman Condensed ‘W’, when you start imagining the internal negative white space as the teeth of the Walrus.

Saw this ‘W’ in Bulgaria Magazine and wondered if this could work as the Walrus gums.  It would probably bleed off the top of the page and then have the tusks underneath it.

The volume of arctic sea ice currently stands at its third lowest level in recorded history. As a result, walruses in northwest Alaska, which normally ride floating sea ice along the coast, have instead been crowding onto land. The mass haul-out is dangerous to the walruses not only because food supplies near the island can quickly become exhausted, but also because when a large crowd of walruses becomes frightened and panics, the heavy creatures can stampede and crush many of the smaller members of their herd.
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2 Responses to W is for Walrus

  1. Fc says:

    Wide heavy W for the body and, to the right of that, smaller condensed W for the tusks (rotated to the left a bit to suggest an upturned head). Forget the reverse text.

  2. Tony Davidson says:

    Could be right about keeping the W upright for the body, although i still like the idea of the tusks being formed by the negative space. Would need a head though.

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