Q is for Quail












Not many options for ‘Q’, but think this will work if we find the right typeface. Should there be more than one on the page?  Do quails hang around in groups or on their own?


quail body and head

A couple of type options for the Quail’s body and one for the head.

The black-breasted button-quail is listed as endangered because its population and distribution have been reduced to a critical level. It faces invasion and degradation of remnant rainforest habitat by weeds.
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One Response to Q is for Quail

  1. Fc says:

    They travel in groups. It’s specially cute to see a mother with it’s chicks crossing the road. Try a single Q tipped over on its left side and two or three of the same Q at a smaller size following in a line. The tail of the Q would have to be quite decorative to accomplish this.

    Good luck on this fun and brilliant project.

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