E is for Elephant


One of my personal favourites. Because of the scale of this mammal, it would be great to find a large piece of wood type for the body.  The grain could end up looking like elephant skin. If this project ever ends up as a book the elephant should probably take up the whole page.  Another detail would be to find a lower case ‘e’ that widens a bit at the end, thus mimicking the shape of the bottom of an elephant’s trunk.

African elephants once numbered in the millions across Africa, but by the mid-1980s their populations had been devastated by poaching. The status of the species now varies greatly across the continent. Some populations remain in danger due to poaching for meat and ivory, habitat loss and conflict with humans.
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3 Responses to E is for Elephant

  1. erik spiekermann says:

    I’ll come over myself and make the elephant with Wakie. It needs a J for a trunk, an o for a head and perhaps a V for ears.

    • Tony Davidson says:

      Using letters other than the first letter of the animal is not allowed. Two letters should do the trick. Less is more. Like Dave Wakefield said someone needs to find a large piece of woodblock for the body, the more grain the better. Then they need to find a lower case ‘e’ that looks like the head and trunk. You up for it?

      • David Wakefield says:

        Hi Meep. You’re more than welcome to get down here and gas up the press. BUT I’ve spent far too long looking for that ‘just right’ gargantuan E already! With no luck in the thousands of EEEE’s I’m surrounded with – TRUST me!! Tony’s right, the criteria is VERY difficult, but that’s the beauty, and the challenge, of the beast. But get down here anyway. Wakey.

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