B is for Butterfly

Remember the ‘B’ cannot be printed in reverse.  Is it simpler with just two capital ‘B’s’ or should we attempt to have feelers using lower case ‘b’s’?  And should there be one or more butterflies?

The Reverdin’s Blue is a species of butterfly, about 20mm in size and lives in some parts of Kanto and Chubu Regions of Japan. Unfortunately its habitat is shrinking year by year and there are many areas where the species is already believed to be extinct. To help save the butterfly from extinction, we first need to understand its habitat, activity range, and other aspects of its mode of life.
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2 Responses to B is for Butterfly

  1. Fc says:

    You can do it with one uppercase and one lowercase. Try a big B rotated 135 degrees to the left. Preferably the top bowl would be smaller than the bottom bowl. Once rotated, the bottom bowl would be the top, larger wing. Then, add a smaller lowercase b for the head and antenna.

  2. Tony Davidson says:

    Lucy Brown has put her hand up to have a go at this. Can’t wait to see how she gets on.

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